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Hello, this is Cindy Dyer, Casey’s stepmom.  

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting a young woman by the name Casey Dyer a little over 3 ½ years ago.  

This young lady was very independent, intelligent and, most of all, very loving.  I could see right away her love for her father.  Also, she and her mother Debbie were so very close before God called her home to heaven.  As you can imagine, with someone who loved her parents so greatly, I was kinda worried how accepted I would be.  Those worries were soon behind as we got acquainted and got to know each other.  Her love for Christ allowed her to love me.  Today, we have a great relationship, and I am looking so forward to being Grandma.  After 31/2 years, I could be a little prejudiced, but I think Casey is going to be an awesome mom!  

In 2016, I had the privilege to becoming, stepmother-in-law to a wonderful young man named Derek Sawyer.  

He is always so polite, kind and loving.  It is great to see a such a responsible young man.  Some little boy or girl will be so blessed to have him for his or her daddy!

You should see them both with their nieces and nephew!  The kids just love having them around.  It is such a big thing when Aunt Casey and Uncle Derek are coming to see them.  They both are very family oriented, and it shows!  What a wonderful thing to see in this day and time.

I think it is awesome that Derek and Casey have the love in their hearts to want to bring someone’s child into their lives, give he or she their name and love them.  We all are so excited about getting this new member added to our family!

As you all probably already know, adoption is very expensive.  

Although there are grants, loans, etc., these do not apply to the home study.  Scott and I, along with others, have given in support of the home study.  Our donation was prior to the blog and is not listed.  If you would like to help with the endeavor of  “Bring Home Baby Sawyer,” you can do so on this website.  Derek and Casey are so appreciative to everyone who gives.  They are also very much appreciative for the prayers, too.  They pray God will give them the child He wants them to rear in His love.

Thanks so much for reading this post.  

Please continue to pray for Derek, Casey, baby and mother. 

Thanks and blessings,


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